June 8, 2017, 1:48 a.m.

New Content Coming Soon

by farice

I just wanted to share a quick update on the developments to come for TeXnotes.

This summer I've been and will continue to be dedicating a good portion of my free time to two projects (to be revealed soon). However, the implication is that I have two primary fluency goals:

  • IBM Q Compute
  • TensorFlow

Hence, you'll see some guides (and perhaps blogs posts) popping up with regards to

  • Quantum information theory
  • Deep reinforcement learning

I've also been looking to compile my old math and physics notes into a few guides. Namely

  • Linear algebra
  • Differential geometry
  • Quantum mechanics I & II
  • Statistical mechanics

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June 7, 2017, 5:33 a.m.

iOS 11 ARKit Tutorial (with Demo Project)

by farice

Apple has just announced their developer platform for augmented reality, ARKit. Users will be able to get their hands on these apps when iOS 11 is released in the Fall. The good news is, for us developers, we can get our hands on the new tools now.

I made a straightforward AR first-person shooter, using ARKit and SceneKit, and added the project to my GitHub. If you get lost or you don't have much time, it may be useful to simply clone this project and add on to what already exists. This guide will cover all of the steps to make an app like this, and hopefully will provide enough insight for you to get started on your own iOS AR project. This GIF demonstrates what it looks like in action.

Getting Started


  • Xcode 9 beta

  • iOS device with iOS 11 beta installed

You can download these here (as long as you are part of the Apple Developer Program).

To begin, create a new project in Xcode 9 (single view app) and name it anything that suits you. Open up Main.storyboard and drag in an ARKit Scenekit View to cover up your single view controller. You may need to drag the edges or set constraints so that the view covers the entire screen. Next, ctrl + drag that added View to ViewController.swift so that it's a class variable. I named it sceneView. That's it for the storyboard!

Note: In your Info.plist open as source and add the following information to give your app permission to use the camera:

<key>NSCameraUsageDescription</key> <string>This application will use the camera for Augmented Reality.</string> 


Now on to the good stuff. Open up ViewController.swift and import ARKit. Also, designate your view ...

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July 11, 2016, 2:21 p.m.

MTH 421

by farice

Dear Math 421 Students,

Here, you can find a small assortment of documents to accompany Prof. Bray's course in Differential Geometry. I'll be posting a select set of resources to help with common confusions and core concepts.

Also, you'll be able to find information on homework grading and issues the class struggled with as I grade your assignments.

Select the MTH 421 tab above.

Best, Faris

Update 6/7/17: I've removed the tab until next year's class. See you again in the Spring!

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